You often ask us some questions about Madeira

What is the weather like?

The weather in Madeira is pleasant all year round, so you can spend here a perfect holidays at any time. It is not cold in winter, it is not hot in summer, be welcome to an island of eternal spring. When it rains in our valley, it does not mean that you cannot sunbath in the neighbouring valley. The weather forecast changes very often, in our experience the success rate of the forecast is about 30%.
Annual averages

How to get here?

There are many direct flights from all over the Europe, e.x. from London, Manchester, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Basel, Vienna, Paris.
There are several variants with the national Portuguese airline TAP Portugal which flies daily from Lisbon or Porto, or the British low-cost EasyJet flies from mainland Portugal.
We usually look for the cheapest variant through the SkyScanner application.

Where to fly from Madeira?

You can fly directly to the Spanish Canary Islands on the island Gran Canaria, to the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores islands and its main island Sao Miguel or the nearby Porto Santo.
All these destinations are operated by the Spanish airline Binter Canarias. Azores Airlines flies to the Azores from Madeira too.

How to get to Porto Santo Island?

An option is a ferry from the port of Funchal with company Potro Santo Line, which departs in the morning and returns in the evening. You can check timeline or buy tickets here.
Or travel as mentioned above with Binter Canarias.

Can Madeira be reached by boat or car?

Yes. The ferry previously operated year-round from the Portuguese city Portimao with a stop in the Canary Islands. It is usually in operation from mid-June to mid-September. You can buy a boat ticket with ENM Ferries .